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About Dr. Jan

Dr. Jan McNutt is a Prophetic-Teacher used mightily of God in the Body of Christ. She yields to the revelatory gift of teaching allowing God to use her in churches, conferences, and seminars. Dr. Jan simplifies the Word's application for our lives in a way that makes it instantly understandable, but profoundly foundational.

God's favor on her life has opened doors for her to speak a nation-shaking message to America and other countries. She brings insight by delivering a prophetic word to the Church that is timely. And without fear or hesitation. She speaks the Word boldly.

Dr. Jan worked for many years in management in the airline industry. She had the opportunity to speak into the lives of those around her; including those in corporate leadership. After leaving the airlines, Dr. Jan opened her own business in Fort Worth, Texas. She is a biofeedback therapist, working in the area of alternative medicine. Through counseling and mentoring, she is used of God to bring stability and spiritual principles into the market place, as well as the Church.

Dr. Jan was saved at the age of nine, after hearing a missionary from India. It was at that tender age, she knew she would spend the rest of her life telling others about the love of God. Forty-plus years later, she is still sharing the gospel wherever the doors are opened for the Word of God to be shared.